Certified Secure Web Application Engineer



Secure Web Application Engineers work to design information systems that are secure on the web. Organizations and governments fall victim to internet-based attacks every day. In many cases, web attacks could be thwarted but hackers, organized criminal gangs, and foreign agents are able to exploit weaknesses in web applications.

The Secure Web programmer knows how to identify, mitigate and defend against all attacks through designing and building systems that are resistant to failure. With this course you will learn how to develop web applications that aren’t subject to common vulnerabilities, and how to test and validate that their applications are secure, reliable and resistant to attack.

All Combos Include

C)SWAE Key Course Information

Live Class Duration

5 Days



Applicable Exams

Mile2 C)SWAE



Suggested Prior Knowledge

  • 24 months experience in software technologies and security
  • Sound knowledge of networking
  • At least one coding language
  • Linux understanding
  • Open shell

Class Formats

  • Instructor-led
  • Self-Study
  • Live Virtual Training

C)SWAE Modules

Module 1 - Web Application Security

Module 2 - OWASP Top 10

Module 3 - Threat Modeling & Risk Management

Module 4 - Application Mapping

Module 5 - Authentication and Authorization Attacks

Module 6 - Session Management Attacks

Module 7 - Application Logic Attacks

Module 8 - Data Validation

Module 9 - AJAX Attacks

Module 10 - Code Review And Security Testing

Module 11 - Web Application Penetration Testing

Module 12 - Secure SDLC

Module 13 - Cryptography


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